Boost Your Karma & become a Gratitude Workbook Affiliate!

Here’s a short run down on what that means:

1. The E-book is sold through ClickBank, so in order to be an affiliate you need to sign up for click bank account.

2. To track your affiliate sales and make money, you must use your unique ClickBank link, otherwise you can’t get paid {sad face}

3. We provide you with a variety of awesome, inspiring and super cool graphics & quote shareables to promote the book via social media and your website, click HERE to check them out.

4. We’ve written up some swipe copy text for you to copy and paste, to make promoting the workbook, easy as pie. Click HERE to get the marketing copy.

5. By promoting the Gratitude Workbook, you’re helping your friends and audience feel better, love themselves and raise their consciousness through the practice of Gratitude. and how freaking cool is that?!




Here’s how you get started to become an affiliate:

Step 1: Sign up for a Click Bank Affiliate Account

Click HERE to sign up for a ClickBank account.



Step 2: Go to the ClickBank Marketplace to find The Gratitude Workbook

After you create your account (or if you already have one) locate the product in the Click bank marketplace by clicking the marketplace link on the header navigation at the top of the page.

Step 2: Locate the Product in the ClickBank Marketplace

In the “find products” search box, search for “The Gratitude Workbook“.


Step 3: Click “Promote” in Marketplace listing

When you locate the workbook listing, click the “promote” button on the right hand side of the product listing.Gratitude-Workbook-Gratitude-Journal-Clickbank-Affiliate-Promote


Step 4: Enter your ClickBank ID

A confirmation box will pop up for promoting the product, and enter your account nickname (your ClickBank ID). You can also create tracking codes to track the number of sales on the different platforms that you promote the product (Instagram, blog posts, Facebook, etc…). You may repeat this process to create multiple tracking codes, or you can completely forgo the tracking code and use just one affiliate link.


Step 5: Create your Clickbank link

Another box will appear with your affiliate link. This is the link you will use to promote the program.

Additional, you simplify your affiliate link by using this format:”

*Be sure to double check your affiliate link when creating your own, to ensure your affiliate code is being tracked (and you make money). You will know your ID is being tracked when the URL displays your CB ID tracking cookie (EX: http:/ HOWEVER, DO NOT copy and paste that cookie link for affiliate promotions, it will not save your affiliate cookie, and will not work… it is not the proper link to use. That link is only to verify that your affiliate is being tracked on the URL after the fact. 





Step 6: Read the Affiliate Partner Terms & Conditions

You must agree and adhere to everything laid out in the Affiliate Partner Agreement by ClickBank. Read it HERE.

If you don’t understand any of the terms in the agreement, or have any questions, contact us at for clarification.

Step 7: Promote & Post about the Gratitude Workbook with our custom graphics

You can find a large selection of banners and inspirational quotes and shareables to choose from HERE. Make sure your hyperlink the uploaded banner image with your unique affiliate code.


Step 8: Customize or Shorten your link

It may be easier for you to promote the workbook and for customers to use your affiliate link with a simplified affiliate link.


We can create a unique link that forwards to your affiliate link. You may request a unique link by emailing me at

Important: Please note we only pay affiliates via ClickBank, so you must have a ClickBank account in order to participate in any of our promotions as an affiliate. Also, as an affiliate, you agree to abide by our Affiliate Agreement and conduct yourself with complete integrity, which means you serve your customers well, you don’t spam, and you follow all FTC guidelines and general business ethics. Our agreement and affiliate rules and prize rules can all be viewed here. Integrity and professionalism are incredibly important to us, and any nonsense or “blackhat” marketing will lead to immediate removal from our affiliate program.